Need a photographer?  I look forward to providing a great experience and fun sessions.  I work with you to create memorable pictures that tell a story.
     Let us create some one off portraits that everyone will envy.  Portraits that say something about you and tell your story.  
     Want to enjoy being involved with your loved ones during an event?  Let me capture those excellent moments so you can remember them for years to come.  
     Maybe you need pictures to show off your new business or updates made to an already operating company.  We'll put that stunning visual image you're looking for together.
     I get a joy out of photography.  The places that I get to go and beautiful things that I get to see are amazing.  Photography makes me slow down and observe the small details that on an everyday basis one wouldn't even notice.  I love walking the streets or country side looking for those sweet shots that just give a person chills.  I am constantly building upon my skills and equipment.
     Apart from the photography world I grew up in a small country town in Arizona.  I enjoyed sports and hunting through the years.  I remember when the first time I got to use a camera.  My father ran Arizona Wilderness Productions and would do hunting videos for Arizona Outdoors.  Once old enough to trust with the camera pops let me run it during one of the hunts.  That thrill and excitement of capturing the events as they unfolded was insane.  My heart was racing a million miles an hour just as if I were the one behind the bow or rifle.  
     I then graduated High School and went on to join the Army.  I learned a ton about life and had the opportunity to see places that I would never have thought about going to.  Once my service was over I moved back to that small country town to start a new adventure.  The adventure lead to me building and maintaining nuclear reactors.  What an experience of a lifetime.  It was on one of my job assignments that the light hit me!  I woke up one morning and said to myself "I need a camera".  So off to the nearest camera shop I could find which was in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I got myself a decent camera body, lens, and tripod. I then researched and learned everything about the equipment that I could jam in my brain.  The next days off I set out for my first ever urban photo shoot in St. Paul, Minnesota.  That day marked the moment that I knew I wanted to be a photographer.
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